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The Atlantic Approach

The Atlantic approach is all about empowering you to take back control of your finances. So the first thing we do is find out about your current financial situation so that we can work out what will be the best approach going forward.

We do this by completing with you, your Statement of Affairs. This is where you will need to tell us about all your outgoings and income. From this information, we can work out what you need for living expenses; how much you need for priority payments like mortgage or rent, Council Tax, utility and car loan payments, including any arrears on these items. This will enable us to work out what is left for you to pay to your unsecured creditors and work out the best debt solution for you.

We also have an expert legal team and we have already helped over 3,000 people deal with court actions.

Once your debt solution is set up, we will communicate with you monthly so that you know exactly how your creditors are being paid and how you are tackling your debts.

Our set up fee is affordable and our monthly management charge will be fixed. There aren't any other costs.

You don't need to borrow any more

We do not introduce or broker any re-financing services and our policy is not to encourage people in unmanageable debt situations to borrow more money. We will, however, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of re-financing if this remains a viable option, based upon a client's individual or household circumstances.