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Take our simple online financial assessment and we'll generate a handy report, personal to you. Our debt calculator will help you assess your financial health and take action before you get into problems.

Should you be worried about what you owe? Our Online Debt Calculator will help you to find out how likely you are to have problems with your borrowing, rather like a MOT for your finances. Everything you have told us is completely confidential and we won't pass it onto anyone else.

The Debt Calculator report provides you with advice and guidance on any areas that appear problematic, or could be soon. We have to make some assumptions based on the answers you provide and our suggestions may not always apply to you, so you may need to adapt them to fit your own circumstances.

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The Questions We Ask

There really are no surprises when it comes to completing our Debt Calculator. We ask very relevant and easy questions that help us create a personal report for you. We only ask for your email address to deliver the PDF report to you. If you have any questions regarding the online Debt Calculator, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help.