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We can save you money too!

We know that what can also help you to manage your debts better is to get the cost down of some of your day to day living expenses. For example, are you getting the best rate for your gas or electricity services? And are you facing hefty bank charges because you often go overdrawn? We have a range of other services available to tackle these costs. Find out how to optimise your income.

Pre-Paid Current Account

In partnership with Secure Trust Bank, Atlantic offers an innovative current account, including a MasterCard® Prepaid Card, which provides a genuine alternative to traditional basic bank accounts. It features a flat monthly charge and no penalty charges for failed direct debit or standing order payments. And importantly, it takes into account the fact that applicants are likely to already have a number of credit accounts, many of which may be in arrears.

Energy Switching

The Atlantic Energy Switching Service provides all UK households with the ability to shop around for the best tariff for their utility needs - all from the Atlantic website. It's a great way to see if you can make savings on your current utility bills. And that has to be good for reducing your living expenses and helping you get your finances back on track.

Credit Files

You can access a copy of your credit file free for 30 days by going onto our website.